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Maine Fishing April 1st – Sept. 30th

The 1st week in May there is usually ice out on the large lakes. Great spring fishing for 1-5 lb. trout and salmon. 2-10 lb. togue are not uncommon.

Most of May is excellent for early season Maine fishing. In May thoroughfares have been recognized for terrific fishing, especially with flies and streamers in the salmon pools.

June is great small lake and pond fishing for brook trout, some of the backwoods small lakes are prime fishing 2nd – 3rd week of June

In late June and July small brooks and rivers for brook trout get hot.

In July and August the brooks, lakes, ponds, and rivers are all good for fishing. Plug fishing for big game fish and smelt is very good into September.

Mid to late September is great for Maine fly fishing, especially in the thoroughfare salmon pools.


Lots of great hiking close by!


Hedgehog Mountain trailhead and rest area; the hike is three quarters of a mile to the summit. In Castle Hill (between Ashland and Presque Isle on Route 163)


take the kids up our short and steep Haystack Mountain for 360-degree views of our mountains, woods, and fields.

For mid-level hikes, take a look at some of our trails between 2 and 5 miles

Further off the beaten path, Deboullie Mountain in Deboullie public reserve land (26 miles in the woods west of Portage) can be done in either 4 miles or as a 7-mile loop; it’s a challenging but rewarding hike suitable for adventurous families. As an added bonus, Deboullie hikers are treated to views from a historic fire tower; it’s no longer manned, but brave souls can climb its 48-foot ladder into the cab on top.


Portage Hills Country Club

The 9-hole Portage Hills Country Club located at 98 Country Club Ave. in Portage Lake, Maine features all the hallmarks that Maine golf has to offer. Portage Hills Country Club opened in 1971, and offers some of the most pristine and challenging 9-hole play in Aroostook County. Portage Hills Country Club opens in May and usually closes in September for the season.

Fort Kent Golf Club


Located in the St John Valley next to the Canadian Border, this challenging 9 hole course is nestled in the North Maine Woods.


With cabins being only steps to the water you can sit back and relax while your kids swim and play in the lake, or join them!


Moose Season -  September - October

(all cabins are open for 1st & 2nd Moose Season)

Partridge Season - October 1st - December 31st

Deer Season - November 

Bear Season - there are 2-3 bear seasons August 25th – November 29th

The combination of agricultural farm land and the vast areas of forest make for a uniquely fertile place for wildlife to live and flourish.


The North Maine Woods is a hunters dream with 3.5 million acres of commercial forest land, generally open to hunting. For this reason Aroostook is home to big whitetail deer, massive black bears, and some of the largest moose in the lower 48 states. Ruffed grouse inhabit the entire region, as do coyotes snow shoe rabbits, bobcats, and may species of water fowl.

Wild turkeys have been making a comeback in Maine and they are spreading from the south with the strongest populations in southern Aroostook.

The Moose hunt is managed by the Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife by using a permit lottery and split season. Hunters receiving permits have achieved a historical success rate over 90 percent.


Who hasn't wanted to see one of these majestic creatures! The best times are  from Spring and all of Summer & Fall. There's a high moose population in the area and a quick drive around should get you a look at one!


Hit the trails in Northern Maine directly from our cabins and explore the many possibilities for hassle free ATV getaway or weekend retreat. With great accommodations, an extensive trail system, great food, and unbelievable views at every turn, Aroostook is an off-road paradise.

The trail system is extensive with over a thousand miles of marked trails waiting to be explored and many restaurant and lodging establishments directly accessible from those trails. The off-road enthusiast is certain to enjoy this scenic trail system.


Northern Maine offers abundant opportunities for paddlers of all kinds. With over 7,000 miles of rivers and streams to choose from, navigating one of Aroostook's waterways is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

From the remote wilderness of the North Maine Woods, ponds, brooks, and streams converge to create a network of waterways that you can paddle for a few days or a few weeks. Crystal clear water, abundant wildlife and fish, and journeys where you'll likely see more moose than people are just some of the things that wait.

The Northern Forest Canoe Trail begins in Old Forge, New York and ends here in the town of Fort Kent. This trail extends 740 miles and connects Maine, New Hampshire, Quebec, and New York using a natural flat water route for canoe and kayaks.


Brook Trout Due to habitat loss across much of the east coast, Aroostook is the last stronghold of native brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) in the eastern United States. Often caught on a fly, brook trout size varies greatly based on the body of water an angler is fishing; a previous state-record brookie came from Aroostook County and weighed 8lb, 8oz. (It was superseded in 1997 by a stocked fish in southern Maine, and many County natives still consider our wild fish to be the record.) Brook trout are characterized by their green back, bright orange bellies (during spawning season), colorful spots, and square tail. They can be caught all over Aroostook County in our large lakes, small ponds, rivers, and streams.

Arctic Charr Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) is sometimes referred to as blueback trout; they are found in only 14 waters in Maine, four of which are in Aroostook County’s Deboullie Township. Smaller than their brook trout cousins, Arctic charr have much lighter, silvery coloration, mild yellow spots, and a forked tail. The current state record charr also came from Aroostook County; it was 25.4 inches long and weighed 5.2 pounds.

Lake Trout Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush), also called togue, are among the longest-lived and largest freshwater game fish, often living 20 years or more and attaining sizes of over 30 inches and 10 pounds. Most reach 18- to 24-inches long and weigh 2 to 4 pounds but its not unheard of to catch a 20-25 pounder! They are closely related to brook trout, but are not as brightly-colored and have a forked tail. They can be found in many of our larger lakes preying on smelt and other forage like aquatic insects and smaller fish.

Salmon Introduced to Aroostook’s Fish River watershed in the late 1800s, landlocked Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) have since become a favorite of anglers from ice-out in the spring through the first part of the summer. Salmon are found in large, deep lakes around the County, and the fishing is stronger in many of those than it’s been in years, thanks to the work done by our local biologists with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the relatively light pressure by fishermen. Salmon fishing starts strong right at ice-out every year (around the beginning of May) and stays that way until mid-June, when the water warms up and salmon slow down. Sixteen- to eighteen-inch fish in our lakes typically weigh one to two pounds, but three- to five-pound fish up to twenty-five inches long aren’t uncommon, and a lucky angler might catch one up to eight pounds.


Aroostook County offers a very unique bicycling experience. Cyclists can enjoy open space, abundant wildlife, panoramic views, picturesque villages and low vehicle traffic. Bike along rivers, forestlands or travel along a state designated scenic highway.

The League of American Cyclists has ranked Maine as one of the top 10 most bike-friendly states in the country. The rankings are based on more than 70 factors, including bike-friendly legislation, policies and programs; infrastructure; education and encouragement; evaluation and planning; and enforcement.


Eagle Lake: This is the next town over and it has a small grocery store, two gas stations, take out food, a small restaurant, and a post office

Fort Kent: About 25 miles away and has a larger grocery store, several restaurants, pharmacy, gas stations, several stores, historic landmarks, and access to Canada

Ashland: About 35 miles away and has a grocery store, a couple of gas stations and some stores

Presque Isle: 50 miles away and is a much larger town/mini city with Lowes, Walmart, a small mall, numerous restaurants and stores, a small splash pad park for kids, movie theater, and more!

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